Sweets and Baked Goods

Fairhope Chocolate

Made in-house

Chocolate Bark • Toffee • Southern Pralines • Peanut Brittle • Pecan Caramel Delights • Caramels • Caramel Apples

• Dip it in Chocolate – Marshmallows or Oreos


Neuhaus of Belgium world class European Bonbons • Cocopotamus Truffles

Vermont • Asher’s • Debrand Peanut Butter Cups and Bonbons • Seattle Chocolate Candy Bars • All Fruit Fruit Slices


Candy Club Gummies (variety of flavors) • Candy Club Sours (variety of flavors) • Bite Size Goodies (variety of flavors)

Vego Bears (variety of flavors)

Gelato and Sorbet

Also Available in Pints & Waffle Cones


Made in-house with fresh ingredients in small batches!

Daily Flavors

Madagascar Vanilla Bean • Italian Chocolate • Strawberry Milkshake

Burnt Caramel with Sea Salt • Cotton Candy • Sicilian Pistachio • Nocciola Italian Hazelnut

Gianduja Italian “Nutella” • Espresso • Coconut • Tiramisu • Lemon • Brownies n Cream

Rotating Flavors

Frozen Hot Chocolate • Cookies n’ Cream •Blueberry Milkshake

American Peanut Butter • Butter Pecan • Peppermint • Amaretto

Fireball • Caramel Swirl • Hazelnut Waffle Praline


Rotating Flavors

Mango • Passion Fruit • Strawberry • Lemon

Baked Goods


Triple Chocolate Choco Chip • Shortbread Choco Chip w/ Sea Salt • Caramel Pecan

Sandy Beach Pecan • Vanilla Sugar Cookies • Cocktail Peanut PB Cookies • Truffle Brownies

 Old Fashioned Molasses • Krispie Butter Cookie • Nutty Oatmeal Raisin

Seasonal Shaped Sugar Cookies


Vanilla with Chantilly Cream • Chocolate Chiffon with Chantilly Cream

Vanilla with Vanilla French Buttercream • Chocolate Chiffon with Vanilla French Buttercream

Vanilla with Chocolate French Buttercream • Chocolate Chiffon with Chocolate French Buttercream

Tuxedo • Russian Pound • Limoncello Marscapone  • Black Forest • German Chocolate

Peanut Butter Pie • Oreo Cheesecake • Humming Bird • Specialty Cakes

Other Desserts

Cheesecake by Cotton Blues of Mississippi

Cappuccino • Blueberry Swirl Strawberry Swirl Traditional NY • Pumpkin



Turtle • KY Derby • Fudge • Haupia • Coconut Cream • PB • Cherry • Key Lime Pie

• Lemon Chess Pie • Pumpkin Cream • Bourbon Pecan • and more


Our Signature Lemoncello and other poundcakes


Our Signature Lemoncello and other poundcakes


A variety of in house made high end pastries including

Croissants • Filled Croissants • Muffins • Scones • Eclairs • Cream Puffs

• Paris-Brest • Ham & Gruyere Croissants • Cinnamon Rolls • Maple Pecan Plaits

• Pecan Krispies • Sticky Pecan Buns • Cream Cheese Danishes, • Cupcakes • Gooey Coconut Bars

• Key Lime Bars • Lemon Bars • Coconut Macaroon Bar • Cranberry Chocolate Nut Bar • and More


Selection varies daily



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sourdough Sourdough Sourdough Sourdough Sourdough Sourdough
Challah Challah


Frozen Presliced Sourdough Sandwich Bread

Frozen Presliced Honey Wheat Sandwich Bread


French Brioche Loaf • American Rye • Italian •Wheat Sourdough • Challah

Specialty Drink Menu

A full espresso bar using in house made syrups

Espresso • Americano • Cappuccino • Latte • Mocha • Drip Coffee (with refill)Caramel Macchiato • Affogato Gelato & Espresso • Chai Latte

Add a Flavor

Madagascar Vanilla • Caramel • Violet-Lavender • Peppermint • White Chocolate • Chocolate

Bubble Tea with Boba

Classic Milk • Passion Fruit • Strawberry • Vanilla • Peppermint

European Hot Chocolate

Tea • Sodas • Bottled Water • Beer • Wine • Champagne
Beer, Wine, Champagne & Sparkling Wine available in-house and retail to go.

Seasonal Items

Brioche Rolls • King Cakes • Valentines Tarts • Satsuma Sorbet • Meyers Lemon Sorbet • Meyers Lemon Cakes • Christmas Stollens • Christmas Fruit Cake • Pumpkin Spice Gelato

Great for Gifts

Wheelers Southern Pecan Delicacies • Variety of flavors from Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory • Poppy Hand-crafted Popcorns


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Fairhope Chocolate Original • Certified Gluten Free • Gluten Free Vegan

Certified Nut Free